What A Price Of Total Stupidity Says His Excellency Prof. Baba Gana Zulu,


1. We have Senate President (Yobe)
2. We have Army chief (Borno)
3. We have DG of NEMA (Yobe)
4. We have National Security Adviser (Borno).
5. We have DG of NOA (Yobe)
6. We have GMD NNPC (Borno)
7. We have chairman NASC (Yobe).
8. We have chief of staffs to the President (Borno).
9. We have chairman of VSF (Yobe)
10. We have Chairman federal Character Commission (Borno)
11. We have Executive Secretary Fed. Govt. Housing Commission (Yobe)
12. We have chairman Senate Committee on Defence (Borno).
13. We have Permanent Secretary Fed. Min. Of Works (Yobe)
14. We have Chairman of the National Intelligence Agency Panel (Borno).
15. We have the DG of FAAN (Borno)
16. We have APC National Secretary (Borno)
17. We have DG of FERMA (Borno)
18. We have 16 APC Reps (Borno & Yobe )
19. We have 6 APC Senators (Borno & Yobe).
20. We have Chairman EFCC (Borno)
21. We have the leader of IRT (Borno).
22. We have Federal Permanent Secretary from Borno.
23. We have state minister of Works and Housing (Yobe)
24. We have the state Minister of Agriculture (Borno).
The same thing is extended to the neighboring Northeast states of Bauchi & Adamawa states with Air Chief & SGF among others.

With have the aforementioned personalities, who are appointees of the PRESIDENT all almost come from the north yet we cannot quench this problem in the north

President Buhari Appointed them to work for us and keep our confidence in his administration.

We now expect from our sons and daughters, not him.
If they can’t come together and decide on a highway that’s just 130 klm linking the entire Borno with the rest of Nigerians & other challenges, then who would do it for us ?.

To me, it’s even mockery for us to shroud cyberspace with outcries for days blaming Mr president while the answer is with us, have them there for us. This Reminds us Of Alhaji Abubaker Remi “Said Before He Died That Even If The Northern Nigeria Rule Nigeria For The Next 100 Years It Will Never Make The North Better Than Any Other Part Of Nigeria, Just Take A Look Today Nigerian People Young And Old Are Working Treading To Make Money To Develop Their Communities But The Youths In The Northern Part Are Very Busy Calling On The gods To Help Them Kill Themselves And Keep The north Backwards What A Price Of Total Stupidity.


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