My Experience With 419_ Prayer Emress


419 are (is) group of scam, they come to you tell you what you want to hear or what you’ll succumb to, in the process, they’ll get what they want from you before you know it they’re gone.

They come in different ways and for Emress, it appears to be someone using God for the business.

Here’s Prayer Emress’s experience

Coming out of the park, looking into the distance around the popular Secretariat junction Jos.

Suddenly came this middle aged woman who was apparently in a rush to catch up with a program in apostolic church around the area.

Earnestly seeking direction, she asked if I knew the location. I was willing to help out, judging from the circumstance. But I really didn’t know of any church around the vicinity, so I openly told her same.

She told me she is an evangelist going deliverance service in the said church and the Muslims around weren’t ready to help her out she believed I would since I’m of same faith.

Just as she spoke to me came this passer-by who knew the location of the church, saying it is just a stone throw. She then thanked me for my genuine kindness and like a prophetess started professing into our lives.

She told the guy things that were going on in his family and was greatly marveled at her insight.

He was outerly startled! Then turned to me and told me all that has been happening to me and to say the fact she got it all correct, she made sense. She must be a devout evangelist sent with a message to me, said to myself.

Then she offered to deliver us, but first this good Samaritan guy. She asked him to walk down the road after leaving all his belongings with me to fetch sand and bring to be used for his deliverance.

He obediently did. Then it was my turn to do same. I handed over my bag and phone with the guy who was standing there with her this time.

Walking down just inches away, my heart quaked, then I said to my self this is 419, turned back. She called and beseched me to go on and not look back.

That she seen in the spirit that I have been shot an evil arrow to halt my deliverance.

She asked me to spit on my palm but my mouth was dam dry that i couldn’t produce saliva, a blessings in disguise,Then that Vail that had covered my eye all along finally broke off. I demanded my belongings insisting I wanted to leave.

They grudgingly obliged and then l left for my destination.

In conclusion she warned:

Moral; poverty is real and across all ages even the old are into the business
This is the beginning of a new year when they’re back to .16 level after spending all they had made for ‘christmas’
Moral decadence is on the roof
Just be ware brethren, to be fore- warned is to be fore-armed!!!


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