Ugandan Museveni Describes Men with Obesity As Corrupt


This perhaps might be the most hilarious political perspective of the century as the President of Uganda has been alleged to have stated that all men with obesity are corrupt.

Museveni was contributing to the big question of how to fight corruption in Africa. Various methods have been devised to address the problem of corruption especially in Nigeria which David Cameron a former British Prime Minister once described as fantastically corrupt.

In Nigeria, President Buhari as had a hard time trying to identify corrupt public officials not because there are no laws or policies to track corrupt public officials but because ethnic and religious sentiments have limited is efforts to fight corruption.

The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni has provided a hilarious alternative by saying that all men who have obesity are corrupt. This implies that there is no need for any rigorous process in fighting corruption than arresting all men with obesity.


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