(Photos) Finally, Affiliate Marketing Founder Shows Real Face After Many years



Some Nigerians do not fully trust most online earning systems for many reasons. They are united in thinking that most affiliate systems are a fraud and a means of making the founders rich at the expense of the members of the platform.

They had built this very negative perception because Ponzi schemes have in recent past caused a lot of harm to the image of online businesses in Nigeria.

The founder of one online earning platform popularly known as NNU Income has finally shown his real face on his Facebook account.

It is worthy of note that for many years since the affiliate system gained attention, the founder has shared only a cartoon of himself on his Facebook account.

Many of his followers who number in their thousands have also wondered why the founder Mr Paul Samson chose to hide his real face from the public for so long.

However, when he recently began sharing his real photos on his facebook account it became clear that he was afraid of been attacked or kidnapped by criminals who think that he has so much money.


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