Xenophobia: Nigerians Threaten To Utilize Boko Haram In Attacking South Africa!!!


As the situation intensifies between foreign nationals and locals in most parts of Gauteng, Nigerians have launched a revolt against what is being termed as xenophobic attacks, and are calling on the infamous terrorist group, Boko Haram, to “unleash revenge in South Africa.”

According to the latest information released by the SA police, at least 100 people have been placed under arrest for their alleged participation in the pillaging of foreign-owned shops that occurred between Sunday and Monday in South Africa.

The police spokesperson, Vishnu Naidoo revealed, “They were arrested on a variety of crimes including malicious damage to property, attempted murder, theft and housebreaking”.

He also confirmed that, as things stand, two people died, including a woman, as a result of the violence that broke out in the city.

While things are said to have calmed down in some parts of the city, it seems that on Tuesday morning, the violence moved to the Alexandra township.

The streets, according to Gauteng’s Provincial Commissioner, Lt General Elias Mawela, are currently on lockdown, using rubber bullets and stun grenades to maintain law and order in the township.

More Nigerians on the ground in South Africa revealed that Boko Haram, an infamous terrorist group, has allegedly been alerted of the situation in the country and that they will “unleash revenge.”

This, of course, has not been confirmed by authorities.

In response to the targeted xenophobic violence, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) called for the South African government to either get a hold of the situation that’s been taking place in Gauteng or deal with the consequence of more than 120 South African companies in Nigeria being forced to close up shop.

The Nigeria government also tweeted this, “The continuing attacks on Nigerian nationals and businesses in South Africans are unacceptable. Enough is enough. Nigeria will take defensive measures to ensure the safety and protection of its citizens.”

Meanwhille, the South African government, led by President Cyril Ramaphosa, is due for a meeting with the Nigerian presidency, in October, to discuss the ongoing tensions between the two leading African nations.

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