Kyegh Sha Shwa (KSS), One Of The Beautiful Cultures Of The Tiv People


BENUE STATE OF NIGERIA… NIGERIALook at these Beautiful Photos of this Event Called Kyegh Sha Shwa (KSS)The idea behind this event is to reestablish,promote,encurage and show love to and for the core Tiv Culture,practices and Traditions as practiced way back, during this event, those who gather are dressed in the beautiful Tiv black and white colored Attires, native foods,drinks and dishes are served…things are done in the way the Tiv people did long ago… the event is also aimed at bringing and uniting Tiv sons they could discuss matters relevant to the essence of Tiv interestsIt is a beautiful Annual Cultural Event in Benue State put together by a very intelligent Man. I love the concept and idea behind it, I commend the organizers and those who work together for the success of the event.However… I have questions for Tiv PeopleAfter this very beautiful cultural and traditional event…should Tiv people now abandon this remembered cultural display and go back to celebrate Foreign Festivals like Christmas?I thought the idea behind this event is to encourage us to begin to embrace our core roots, traditions and valuesOr do you mean we should only choose ONE day out of the whole year to remember, acknowledge, celebrate and promote our traditions, values and cultures and then once that day ends, we go back to our everyday foreign borrowed traditions?Is there any relationship between this very beautiful cultural celebration and the Christian feast Celebrations?Should we use one hand to hold our cultures and use the other hand to hold borrowed cultures? And in turn teach our children to do same?The idea promoted on this very day, should it not be the practice in our everyday lives?This is similar to the idea of getting married or wedding in the Traditional way and then insisting that we must also marry or Wed in the Church? Should church marriage be a must, even after we have done traditional marriage(Wedding)??These Questions are not for the initiator and organizers of Kyegh Sha Shwa, but the questions are for the Tiv people who attend the event, so that they can begin to think deep on these matters especially as promoted by the eventBecause after the event, the attendees usually claim to be proudly Tiv…. Yet they still brazenly go about celebrating foreign borrowed traditions and cultural celebrations…How do we marry these two concepts???Are we returning back to our roots or are we moving on with borrowed precepts?Photos from the event……..


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